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Who are you?  What are you? How do you know? What do the results you get from anythiing in your life have to do with your identity? These ideas are important.

Everything you have and everything you do come from your identity—what and who you think you are or aren't, and what and how you think it, content and process. 

Your identity, your sense of yourself, is learned, so you can unlearn it, relearn it, to make a more powerful and effective you.

Your identity determines what you feel about everything. Are you happy? Sad? Fulfilled? Weak? Stressed? Uncertain? Successful? Afraid?

Every emotion you have, everything you do and don’t do, and everything you think flow from a simple constant comparison (the match or mismatch) between your outer world and your inner world, and what you think you want.

This is your internal guidance system: when your outer world matches your inner world in the way you want, you feel “positive” emotions. When there is a mismatch, you feel “negative” emotions. It's rooted in your identity. Are you paying attention?

Your internal emotional signals motivate you to action--toward or away from what you want. It's elegantly simple.

Remember: identity--who and what you think you are--is learned. When you "relearn" it, your world changes, and so do the results you get.

Do you know how?

There is a way.

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