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The Process: What is NLP?

One powerful new analogy for understanding yourself—what makes you tick, and how you can achieve what you want--is to understand that your mind acts like an interactive movie. Your identity is embedded in it. Your identity controls every aspect of your life.

You have been making this mental movie since you were born. It contains your subconscious set of reality templates, made up of individual wants, frames, scenes, and dramas. These determine what you think and how you think about it, what you feel, and how you behave or not.

Everything you think, feel and do is measured against your inner templates:

Every time the outside world matches your inner world, you experience "positive" emotions.

Every time the outside world mismatches your inner world, you experience "negative" emotions.

You live according to the authority of your concept of self, even though you might not be aware of it. It controls your life.

The components of your inner movie, revolving around your self-concept, far exceed what you would experience in a theater: you have more than a visual and audio track. Your mind also has tracks for feelings, smells and tastes. There is even a specific track for verbal commentary, which gives meaning to all the rest.

For example, there could be many voices on your commentary track

Are you aware of them?

Are they nagging or encouraging?

Who do they sound like?

How do you feel when they speak?

Would you like to change the way they talk to you?

You can.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful set of editing tools that you can learn and use to monitor, edit and improve your own process, and understand and be highly effective with others, as well as unfetter the power of your self.

NLP editing tools and protocols allow you to change and/or improve your individual mental tracks, to satisfy your needs, wants and desires, and to energize your sense of self .

Through the application of the editing tools, even your experience of the past can become a rich resource, if it isn’t already. You can make the now and the future become what you want.

Learning NLP skills is a powerful way to empower yourself and others, because the perceptual tools are effective.

NLP is a set of tools and protocols for editing and enhancing your self-concept, and your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, to improve your life , and be more effective in getting, doing and being what you want; and, to be more effective and influential with others.

Since you already play a part in others’ movies, NLP gives you more influence over how the part you play will be perceived. Because NLP tools and protocols are interactive, you can enter others' mental movies with greater influence, and communicate more effectively.

NLP includes powerful training in communication skills. NLP will bring you a deep understanding of others and yourself, making you more effective in whatever you want to accomplish.

Using the insights gained with NLP, people achieve amazing results in sales, management and supervision, education, persuasion, motivation, finances, personal relationships--virtually ANY situation in life is enhanced dramatically.

NLP is based on research-tested applications from neurology, linguistics, coding (learning) theory, and the precise observation (modeling) of human thoughts, feelings, behaviors and results. Although NLP tools and skills are highly sophisticated and effective, they are easily learned.

Personal changes in perception are astonishing, and results are powerful and amazing.

You can heal past hurts.

You can empower your now.

You can have what you want.

You can do what you want to do.

You can be who you want to be.

It’s only a matter of learning how.

And, you CAN learn how.

Getting it.

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