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NLP Training

Recognizing Human Patterns and Knowing How to Effectively Respond

Learn How People's Experience is Organized:  Our personal reality (thoughts, feelings, behaviors) is organized into predictable, observable patterns. While the same patterns can be identified in anyone, their content is unique to each person. NLP’s effectiveness comes from learning to identify people's patterns and their content (a process called "modeling"), and learning the effective responses.

Neuro: All that we know and feel is encoded in our five senses, in sequences. NLP training will teach you how to recognize, work with, and have a powerful and effective impact on that coding.

Linguistic: Everything we know and feel is encoded in language, and how a person uses language will show you how they think, what is deeply important to them, and how to communicate with them deeply. Language is about meaning. Everyone's meaning is unique.

Programming: Since thinking, feeling and behavior are learned, and we know how they are encoded, they can be re-coded. More, you can learn anything you want--how to think, feel and take action, and get results. Quickly. Effectively. Most importantly, you can remake yourself through Identity Mapping.

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