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The Identity Map

The Results-producing Power of Self-Concept

Vision - Attitude - Motivation - Behavior - Results

Are you successful? If so, the iMap will take you to the next level. Do you need to boost your performance? The iMap will help you improve, and eliminate self-sabotage.

The results you want begin in your core: your identity and self-concept. The iMap process explores the dissonance between your wants and your self-images, attitudes, emotional charges, and behaviors; and, attunes them to sharpen your focus, drive your determination, and move you to action to get the results you want. You can have it.

This is not the typical motivational approach; the iMap delves much deeper. The process is not about temporary emotional boosts. It makes lasting shifts in the way you see and think, not only about yourself, but most importantly, with yourself. Your randomly learned thoughts and behaviors, which bind your energy and inhibit your performance, will be engaged, refocused and retrained. You can do it.

You will have confidence in knowing you are capable, turn inadequacy to power, discover and engage your inner guidance system, benefit from becoming a possibility thinker, and translate thoughts into action, producing the results you want. You can get it.

Meet your Core Self and connect with it consciously. Because success comes from your deep Core Self, you will learn how to align your awareness, intent, wants and desires, focus, persistence and core drivers. You can feel it.

Empowerment is easy, once you learn how. The process teaches you how. You can learn it.

The iMap process is available through . . .

• scheduled workshops

• staff training

• team building

• in person, face-to-face with groups, associations, corporations, partnerships, and individuals

• phone coaching.

Call David Lintner for details. The iMap process is powerful and effective, because it is based on tools and skills available through NLP Training

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