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NLP and Spirituality

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are that light. You are the tunnel, You are the matrix through which the tunnel is carved, and You are the darkness in which the light shines.

Sooner or later one must embrace the darkness, and the things there we have repressed. Outside authorities, and our hypnotic, unquestioning belief in their authority, judge our behaviors, thoughts and feelings as good or bad, punishing or rewarding us according to their whims and limitations.

Yet, we all have a shadow place in us. It is to that place the avatars, saviors and spiritual teachers come to enlighten, to embrace, to accept, to transmute.

We all are afraid, in one way or another—of ourselves, of the world. We all have some shame about forbidden things: thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and impulses. We are afraid those parts of us will separate us from those who who are important to us. Though we might not know it, they make us feel vulnerable, those who have power over our survival. We shove things about ourselves into the darkness, the shadow, the void, and try to forget they’re there, to make ourselves acceptable, and thus, to survive.

It is important to release our judgment of that place in us, and to embrace the darkness. It is as much a part of us as our most lofty thoughts and philosophies. Embrace the darkness and you embrace the part of you that needs and wants love most profoundly, that feels loneliness most intensely, yet which is the seed of the love we desire to give and to receive. The darkness in us is the source, the starting place of unconditional love. If we cannot begin there, there is nowhere else to begin. A Zen proverb challenges, “If you can’t find it where you’re standing, where do you expect to wander in search of it?”

Years ago, a woman, in an attempt to rid herself of the demons she thought dwelt in her personal darkness, imagined them as a person, and then imagined running over that person, again and again, with a car, until she killed it. She was pleased with her results. She felt some relief. Shortly thereafter she died unexpectedly. Buddha said, “Our life is shaped by our minds; we become what we think.” Use it any way you want.

Our body/brain is the matrix through which our personal reality-tunnels are carved. The physical self is the vehicle we use to move through space and time, if there are such things as space and time. The body resonates and gives birth to conscious awareness. How well do you know your body, and how much of its awareness have you shoved into the darkness?

Consciousness is the tunnel. Matter resonates, vibrates with consciousness, creating a field of infinite possibilities in which self-awareness manifests. That awareness is subject to the random assembly of self-concept through imprinting and conditioning, through the learned process of the making of meaning.

Awareness can be trained and directed. It can absorb new content, new concepts. You can have control over it—your thoughts, your feelings, your body—if you learn its processes, its inclinations, its wiring, how it assembles its meaning. It is the illusion maker, the keeper of personal truth, the abstractor of essences into the experience of vision, sound, sensations, emotions, smell and taste.

With awareness you can set a course to some destination, and then go there. Awareness can dream dreams, sail boats, build bridges, fly rockets to Mars, and drive a car to the grocery store. It knows where the stars are, and longs to go there, too. It is the keeper of curiosity, and it leads us ultimately to the final discovery of the experience of our origins. It knows about its birth in the stars, of light as its personality, and bliss as its ultimate state.

“That which you are seeking is causing you to seek.” When you conceive of a thing, the thing causes you to seek it. Scientists say it is virtually impossible to use negative space to build warp engines to power starships in the future. Yet when human beings conceive of a thing, it is only a matter of time until they make it so.

And it is the essence we seek which causes us to discover it. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. When you move toward the light you illumine your own life, and come to realize that the experience you have of yourself is of the Essence, of the All-that-Is, in you, as you, projecting itself into existence.

In Earth’s water cycle, a drop of rain speeds from the sky toward the ocean. When it hits the surface of the water, its energy rebounds, and a drop reappears out of the pool. There is a moment when it stops its upward movement, before it falls into the water again. That instant is analogous to our existence. Each of us have emerged from the pool in individual form, and each of us will merge with it once again.

Wherever we look around us we see the infinite ocean of light manifesting in forms—the lamppost outside the bagel shop window, the human primates walking along the sidewalk, the napkin holder next to the place where I write these words, the friend, the enemy—all that is, a slice through the middle of now, all emergent from the one field of being. There are many masks. There is only one Face. Look closely enough and you will see the Face in your mirror.

You are a projection of the light at the end of the tunnel, a projection on the field of forms, a moment of time between never and forever, in the playground of your mind’s projection of reality.

You are the light at the end of the tunnel. You are the darkness of illusions longing to be embraced. You are the matrix from which your experience is carved, the vehicle for the tunnel of consciousness and awareness. You are the beginning, the journey and the end. You are all things, and you are nothing, and you are One.

* * *

NLP provides an excellent set of tools for exploring the structure of your personal reality. As with many spiritual traditions, NLP suggests that personality and perception are learned, and that human experience can be transformed.

If you would like to explore how NLP can be effective in enhancing your spiritual practice or search, contact me at davidlintner@dflintnernlp.com.

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