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Alfred Korzybsky by David Lintner
The model of human perception known as Neuro-linguistic Programming bases part of its paradigm on the role of language in creating an individual’s experience and expression of personal reality. more

Galaxy Dreams by David Lintner
I am the prosecution and the defense, the judge and the jury, the defendant and the trial. I am the truth and the lie. I am the ground of a drama that plays itself out each waking moment, and in my dreams as I sleep. Within me the universe dances its mysterious dance of consciousness and ignorance, awareness and illusion. more

Infinite Monkey by David Lintner
I am the Infinite Monkey.

I look in the mirror and see my primate self staring back through a networked bundle of pulsating quanta atomic electron quarky wave burst stuff. more

Know Thyself by David Lintner
It is reported that the words "Know Thyself" were inscribed over the entrance to the temple of Apollo at Delphi. Unfortunately there is no clear record of the instruction that led to the prescribed awareness. There are clues, however, to be found in the major spiritual traditions of the world. And those clues all seem to suggest that if you were to look into the face of God, what you would see is your own reflection staring back at you. more

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